Featured on Truckstop's Marketplace - HOS Reporter

Featured On Truckstop’s Marketplace

This past September, Truckstop.com rolled out its new ELD marketplace. The ELD marketplace is designed to help carriers connect with Truckstop’s preferred ELD trusted solution providers. Last week, HOS Reporter was featured as one of Truckstops spotlight vendors.

HOS Reporter offers independent operators and small fleet companies a 2-in-1 driver friendly e-logging solution. Our solution is both an AOBRD and ELD in one package. For a limited time, drivers who purchase HOS Reporter will get 3 months free! Get Pricing >

3-Months Free - HOS Reporter

The Atlas in-vehicle device is more advanced than most in that it will store data related to driving events when a tablet or smartphone is not present. When the tablet is reconnected, the data is properly restored. This prevents loss of data and will reduce the number of citations for incomplete logs. HOS Reporter Pro has you covered.

We are also proud that we have virtually every federal exemption, all the state rules and exemptions, Canada and Mexico compliance, and even the Michigan construction season exemption. Many providers didn’t take the time to write code for the dozens of alternate rules. We also offer English, Spanish, and Canadian French versions.

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