Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has issued revised guidance - HOS Reporter

AOBRD Extension

Did you hear?

The FMCSA revised its ELD mandate allowing drivers who previously purchased AOBRDs last year to continue to add AOBRD to new trucks they’ve added to their operations since! In fact, according to Eric Miller’s recent article featured March 20, 2018 5:30 PM, EDT in Transport Topics:

“…The FMCSA said that fleets using AOBRDs prior to the mandate can continue to use AOBRD software on any truck in their fleets, including new trucks that expand the size of their fleets.”

Since December, HOS Reporter has been flooded with many inquiries over the grandfather clause and requests for more flexibility. The FMCSA was also concerned on a couple of fronts:

  1. Carriers that opted to use AOBRDs in December would now be adding ELD to any additional trucks added to their fleet which could result certain advantages given the AOBRD exemptions and
  2. Creating confusion for regulators which could also result in less enforcement on the roads

It’s important to understand that the mandate’s deadline of 12/16/19 to convert over to a fully compliant ELD system still stands.

In the end, it’s great news for owner-operators looking for more flexibility and control over their logs as they begin to transition over to an electronic logging tool.

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