The ELD Mandate Date is Almost Here!

Now’s the time to act if you want more flexibility and control over your logs for 2 more years! Start with HOS Reporter Pro’s AOBRD.

  • Editable logs
  • Less data sent following stops
  • Potentially fewer citations and greater driver privacy
  • FMCSA mandate approved

When you’re ready, just flip the switch to transition to an ELD within the same platform and the same hardware. Plus, there’s no rush if you install our AOBRD approved solution by December 18, 2017 because the ELD mandate has a grandfather provision for the continued use of AOBRD e-logging solutions through December 16, 2019.

Experience the flexibility for yourself – before it’s too late!

More Flexibility & Control - HOS Reporter Pro

Get HOS Reporter Pro Before Time Runs Out!

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