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HOS Reporter Pro includes a DOT/FMCSA Hours-of-Service ELD mandate compliant solution which can be activated at any time, but also includes a full AOBRD solution, which provides e-Logs under the existing regulations. This means:

  • Editable logs
  • Less data sent following stops
  • Potentially fewer citations
  • Greater driver privacy

The ELD mandate has a grandfather provision for the continued use of AOBRD e-logging solutions through December 16, 2019. Imagine, more control and flexibility for 2 more years! Then, you can use the same app and hardware 2 years later to switch the system over to a fully approved and certified ELD!

If you want a compliant FMCSA solution that offers more flexibility and control over your logs, try HOS Reporter Pro. Try it for free – just sign up below.

More Flexibility & Control - HOS Reporter Pro

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