Designed for Independent Owner-Operators & Small Fleet Companies

The HOS Reporter solution includes:

  • Simple to use e-Logs – save hours compared to written logs
  • Electronic vehicle inspection reports – pre-trip and post-trip inspections
  • Automated IFTA data logging – mileage logged by state
  • Full compliance with the latest DOT/FMCSA regulations
  • Removes costs of road-side faxing
  • Speeds up vehicle inspections


Every HOS Reporter Pro subscription includes an easy to install Atlas or Arrow GPS device. Find your truck’s data port (6-pin, 9-pin, or Volvo-Mack connector), plug it in, done! Plan options include:

  • HOS Reporter – Atlas Bluetooth (Available Now)
    • Sends information using the smartphone and data plan you already have. Lowest cost option.
  • HOS Reporter – Atlas or Arrow Bluetooth/Cellular (Coming Soon)
    • Sends information over cellular networks using your smartphone as a display device.
  • HOS Reporter – Atlas or Arrow Bluetooth/Cellular and Tablet (Coming Soon)
    • Sends information over cellular using our dedicated HOS compliance tablet.

The HOS Reporter software is easy to use. Download your licensed copy, log in and go! Every subscription includes both AOBRD and ELD functionality. What’s the difference?

  • AOBRD means Automatic-On-Board-Recording-Device and must be installed before December 18th of 2017 and may be used until December 16th of 2019.
  • ELD means Electronic Logging Device and provides e-Logs under the current regulations. This means more data sent during stops and potentially more citations.
HOS Reporter Pro - ELD Compliant by HOS Reporter

Always Know Where Your Hours of Service Time Stands - HOS Reporter Pro
HOS Hardware

HOS Reporter Pro Starter Bundle (Perfect for Owner-Operators)

  • (1) GPS + Bluetooth Device with J-Bus Connector Cable
  • (1) Admin Login
  • (1) Driver Login
  • (1) Vehicle Inspection (Pre/Post) Application
  • (1) IFTA Mileage-by-State Application
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Lifetime Support

HOS Reporter Pro Application

Additional Drivers? Need Vehicle Tracking?

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