Every HOS-Reporter subscription includes an easy to install Atlas or Arrow GPS device. Find your truck’s data port (6-pin, 9-pin, or Volvo-Mack connector), plug it in, done! Plan options include:

  • HOS-Reporter – Atlas Bluetooth (Available Now)
    • Sends information using the smartphone and data plan you already have. Lowest cost option.
  • HOS-Reporter – Atlas or Arrow Bluetooth/Cellular (Coming Soon)
    • Sends information over cellular networks using your smartphone as a display device.
  • HOS-Reporter – Atlas or Arrow Bluetooth/Cellular and Tablet (Coming Soon)
    • Sends information over cellular using our dedicated HOS compliance tablet.

The HOS-Reporter software is easy to use. Download your licensed copy from HOS-Reporter.com, log in and go! Every subscription includes both AOBRD and ELD functionality. What’s the difference?

  • AOBRD means Automatic-On-Board-Recording-Device and must be installed before December 18th of 2017 and may be used until December 16th of 2019.
  • ELD means Electronic Logging Device and provides e-Logs under the current regulations. This means more data sent during stops and potentially more citations.
Atlas & Tablet - HOS Reporter
HOS Hardware

HOS-Reporter Starter Bundle (Perfect for Owner-Operators)

  • (1) GPS + Bluetooth Device with J-Bus Connector Cable
  • (1) AOBRD/ELD HOS Dual-Mode Application (Android or iOS)
  • (1) Admin Login
  • (1) Driver Login
  • (1) Vehicle Inspection (Pre/Post) Application
  • (1) IFTA Mileage-by-State Application
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Lifetime Support

Additional Drivers? Need Vehicle Tracking?

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