Make the Mandate Work for You

Independent Truck Driver Logbook

Under the ruling, you may use an AOBRD device to log your hours of service through December 16, 2019. So, if you’re looking for a solution that gives you more flexibility and control over your logs, get HOS-Reporter’s two-in-one AOBRD/ELD solution.

HOS-Reporter AOBRD/ELD Solution: The AOBRD part of the solution creates an automated e-log book. You still maintain full control over your logbook, plus you gain back valuable hours by eliminating the the time it takes you to manually input your hours. The system is also easy to use:

  • It records your hours automatically
  • You review the logs and make edits
  • Then click save

HOS-Reporter meets all the government requirements for the ELD Mandate. It’s the perfect solution if you’re not ready to adopt an ELD solution today. And the best part, when December 16, 2019 rolls around, simply use the ELD login and your AOBRD system becomes an FMCSA and DOT certified ELD System. It’s that simple!


When you’re ready to start using a fully certified ELD system, it’s as simple as logging in.

Truck Weigh Station

HOS-Reporter AOBRD/ELD Solution: The HOS-Reporter ELD component is government approved and designed to minimize downtime. Our in-cab device communicates with your vehicle’s engine control module and records the data required to comply with the ELD Mandate. You just sign into HOS-Reporter using the ELD login and the system does the rest.

HOS-Reporter AOBRD/ELD delivers best-in-class HOS, DVIR, and IFTA automation. HOS-Reporter AOBRD/ELD delivers a two-in-one driver-friendly Mandate-compliant solution at one low price.