Vehicle Tracking and Maintenance Option

Water Deliver Small Fleet Company

Whether you’re a company with 2 trucks or 200, managing and optimizing the performance of multiple drivers can be demanding. Finding the right tools at the right price may also prove to be challenging. HOS-Reporter offers a vehicle tracking and reporting solution using the same in-cab device used with every HOS-Reporter subscription. Features include:

  • Vehicle Maintenance Reminder System
  • Detention Time Logging
  • Bread-Crumb Trails
  • Dispatch System
  • Traffic Mapping
  • Real-Time Alerts
  • Driver Behavior Tracking
  • Full Reports Suite

$25.00 per truck per month

-$5.00 per month (Bundle Discount)

$20.00 per truck per month

Plus, HOS-Reporter gives you the ultimate in flexibility. We have tools for everything from driver accountability to fuel management. As your business grows, your solution grows with you.

HOS-Reporter offers the perfect compliance companion and optional fleet optimizer.