Welcome to Hos Reporter Suport center. If you're just getting started, please watch the videos in the order posted below. We've also provided helpful documents you can download.

1 Welcome to HOS Reporter

This shows you an overview of how the software works.

2 Making a Successful Bluetooth Connection

How to make a successful Bluetooth connection between your cable and your tablet...

3 Getting Started with HOS Reporter

This video will walk you through: Making a Duty-Status Change, DVIRs and Roadside...

4 App Features

See features available on the HOS Reporter Pro app.

5 Making Edits

How to correct any mistakes made on your logs using the app.

6 Setup for Admins & Drivers

Watch this video for step-by-step setup instructions for Administrators and Drivers.

7 App Help & Support

How to find Help & Support on the HOS Reporter Pro app.