HOS-Reporter is a two-in-one solution. It is a fully FMCSA certified ELD in full compliance with the upcoming DOT mandate. But, let’s not forget that the mandate has a grandfather provision which allows for the continued use of AOBRD e-logs until December 16th of 2019. We have incorporated a full AOBRD solution that can be switched to an ELD anytime you choose.

Most larger trucking companies will want to adopt an ELD solution right away. Under the ELD regulations, drivers have very limited abilities to edit their logs.

Smaller carriers and owner operators will greatly appreciate the log editing flexibility of an AOBRD. The table below summarizes the differences:

Terminology Automatic On-Board
Recording Device ramniwas
Electronic Logging Device
Log FormatLogs are presented as a PDF.
No log edits are stored or
delivered with the log to
authorized safety officials.
Logs are delivered in a
format that is electronically
analyzed by authorized safety
officials including all log edits.
TimingIn order to qualify for the
grandfather provision in the
mandate, AOBRD solutions
must be installed before
December 18th 2017.

They may
be used until
December 16th 2019.
Unless an AOBRD is installed
all vehicles subject to the
mandate musthave an ELD
by December 18th 2017.
PreferencesOwner-Operators and small
fleet carriers will generally
appreciate the flexibility to
edit logs where appropriate.
AOBRD logs are a close
equivalent to electronic
paper logs.
Larger carriers generally do
not allow their drivers to
edit logs.ELD logs track
and store
all log edits.

HOS-Reporter is a two-in-one driver friendly compliance solution at one low price. It is designed to serve the unique needs of the owner-operator and small fleet trucking market.