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Why HOS Reporter?

HOS Reporter Pro is designed to serve the unique needs of owner-operator and small fleet trucking companies. Every HOS Reporter subscription includes an easy to install Atlas GPS device. Just find your truck's data port, plug it in, done! We give you the versatility to use whatever tablet or phone fits your needs.

HOS Reporter Pro also gives you the flexibility to choose the pricing plan that's best for you, and the ability to add and subtract drivers whenever you need to. Our no-contract, month-to-month plan lets you test our solution without a long-term commitment. Since you can cancel any time, it also means that we have to deliver great service every single month.

  • Save time
  • Speed up vehicle inspections
  • Automate IFTA Reports
  • And reduce possible citations – it's fully mandate compliant with the DOT/FMCSA


Becoming compliant is simple! Our solutions are future-proof. Lifetime updates included.

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Simplifying the ELD Mandate

ELD means Electronic Logging Device and provides e-Logs under the current regulations. This means more data sent during stops and potentially more citations.

The ELD Mandate Clarifies:

  • How to provide this data in a standardized format.
  • How to transmit information to law enforcement.
  • How Record of Duty Status (RODS) must be graphically displayed on an ELD.

It also allows RODS files to be transferred electronically for a road-side inspection stop or a weigh station inspection. Anyone required to keep RODS will be required to comply.

Fleets that still comply with existing exemptions, such as short haul will not be required to have an ELD.

No Huge Learning Curve Here

ELD Solution

HOS Reporter Pro is a driver-friendly FMCSA certified ELD solution available to drivers for a low monthly subscription cost.

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Additional Drivers

Team driving? Driver training? Slip-Seating? Part-Time Drivers? Add and delete drivers as needed.

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Vehicle Tracking

HOS-Reporter recommends GTS Fleet for vehicle tracking.

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