New Features & Updates

Release Notes

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  • Export of data from the portal as Excel.
  • Ability to search by account name (Carrier or Moa Account) on the portal - users and roles.
  • Drivers showing incorrect time zone on the application fixed.
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  • Error in the location detection prevents drivers from changing status.
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  • Odometer Jump Report.
  • Updating the app to version 249.
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  • Custom DVIR form.
  • Allow drivers to upload documents and photos.
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  • Changes to Violation Notifications
  • The length of VIN in the trailer profile is no longer validated
  • Fix the Signature of DVIR in Landscape Mode
  • The Canadian Algorithm doesn’t require eight consecutive hours on the day to verify the Daily OFF Time Required violation
  • Add missing Items in the Canadian DVIR Schedule
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  • Option to mark Driving time as “System or User Error.”
  • Adding PU and YM miles to the distance traveled on the app Logbook and Print/Display option (app and portal)
  • DVIR-only iOS
  • Add support to Canadian certifications on the Portal
  • Adding Adverse Condition remark to current duty status
  • Modify User Hierarchy to allow Master Reseller to make changes on Client Limited user accounts
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  • Fix bug stop ECM listener while the driver is operating under an exemption.
  • App Support Users
  • Personal Use and Yard Move on the Logbook Graph
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  • List of Exemptions
  • Unidentified Records listed for All Vehicles
  • New Limited MOA type of user
  • Bug reassigning driving time between co-drivers
  • Changes in the Asset configuration
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  • Multi Operating Authority (MOA)
  • Any non-certified log can be certified, regardless of whether it is within cycle days or not.
  • Canada Output file encryption added.
  • Improvement VIN management.
  • Name change to Asphalt ruleset (Short-Haul Operation).
  • Portal notification bout ELD service status.
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  • 3 – DVIR signatures
  • 16-Hour Exception (Section 395.1(o))
  • Alberta Ruleset
  • Unlock feature location changed
  • Forgot Password option on the App
  • API (User & Roles)